Personal computer software “BALANSS+ “ works in Windows based operation systems.
In BALANSS + software we have developed views for accountants, managers-leaders, purchase managers,salesmen,production managers, salary accounters etc.
BALANSS + software modules cover not only all sectors of company accounting, but also personnel-accounting, car-service etc. that enable a company to create a whole information system. BALANSS + contains export-import functions that enable a company data-exchange with other software systems -like special software -or with it's different offices. According to clients wish we are ready to work out special solutions, usually add functions and reports to the existing software.
We are near to the client in Estonia, in direct contact with him, and thus able to carry out his ideas. As a requirement to such cooperation, the client usually signs a maintenance contract, that gives him the right to get new versions of the software and consultation on phone or via e-mail for free.

All modules have the same basic elements: account, product/service, department(branch), project, store, user(salesman, driver, employee), contract etc. that guarantee integration.
In all the modules it is possible to describe rights for every user by functions of module. In the invoice and payment data the users name and input time will be fixed.